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Followign are introductions on manufacturing and installation of temporary bridge, steel bridge, pedestrian crossing bridge and steel frame.
인천대교 가교제작 및 설치공사
발주처 삼성물산JV
공사개요 본선부 - 2,054m / 핑거부 - 26조 / 접안시설 - 1조
공사기간 2005.06 ~ 2006.06
공사내용 송도와 영종도를 연결하는 인천대교 공사중 교각시공 및 장비이동을 위한 가설교량공사입니다.
Installation of longitudinal beam for Incheon International Airport Railway
Ordering entity Samwhan Corporation
Overview of the construction Total length - 2.8km
Duration of construction 2003.03 ~ 2005.02
Contents of construction Construction for installation of longitudinal type girder for lower railway for passage of railway line in the central portion of the bridge among the construction works for Youngjong Bridge that connects Incheon and Youngjongdo. We imported launching crane from Italy and used in the installation works.
건대능동로 상업시설 신축공사
발주처 삼환기계공업(주)
공사개요 총중량 - ton
공사기간 2006.06.22~2008.06.30
공사내용 건대병원과 지하 전철을 연결하는 기점으로 쇼핑센터를 포함한 상업시설로 지하 및 지상 철골 구조물공사입니다.
Installation of tract for magnetic levitation train
Ordering entity Dongwon Construction Co., Ltd
Overview of the construction Total length - 1km
Duration of construction 2007
Contents of construction Installation of upper longitudinal type and aluminum rail in the construction of test track for the magnetic levitation train that connects Korea Institute of Advanced Science and Technology in Daejun and Expo Park, a project aimed at furthering advanced technology
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