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DAte 2009-05-21
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Thank you for visiting the website of Bu

We are so sorry to make our website late,
we've worked for years with high techonology and experiences
If you need our hands, We'll give you our words that we'll do our best.
In the end, we sincerely welcome you for visiting

BUIL Construction
Headquarters of BUIL Construction Co.,Ltd : #5 Saenaedeul-1-gil, Shimgok-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon (404-835)
TEL:032-561-8716~9   FAX:032-561-4399
Factory of BUIL Construction Co.,Ltd : #649-217 Samjon-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwasung-gun, Gyeongi-do
TEL:063-466-0735   FAX:063-466-2229
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